The government has promised investigations but also blames old foes, saying rebel groups have infiltrated protests and drug-trafficking enterprises are subsidizing the demonstrations. At the funeral home, Jiménez blamed riot police for her son’s death. “I took a video of him at the morgue. The bullet entered through the right side of his chest and came out on the left side, went through his left arm,” she said. “The friends who were with him told me that my son had done absolutely nothing and that they (the police) had killed him, that it had been a rifle shot.” Jiménez said Agudelo left home Monday for a rally in memory of young people who died in demonstrations in Cali, in southwest Colombia. She said her son’s death is under investigation. The Attorney General’s Office and the agency responsible for monitoring human rights compliance reported Thursday that 26 people were killed in protests, including a police officer, and more than 800 injured. They did not specify the number of slayings in which police have been involved. Previously, the agencies alleged police involvement in a dozen. Observers say the government count is low, in part because protesters don’t always seek treatment for minor injuries. Human Rights Watch said it has received information on 36 deaths, of which it has confirmed that 11 occurred in the context of the protests. “Every night, we are getting new reports of several protesters killed. The ongoing levels of police abuses and violence by protesters in Colombia are alarming,” José Miguel Vivanco, the organization’s director for the Americas, said in a statement. He added the Duque government “needs to take urgent and decisive steps to de-escalate the situation and protect human rights.” Duque on Thursday invited union leaders to talks. How far the dialogue can go is unclear, however, as popular frustration with his government predates the reform, which would have increased taxes on public services, fuel, wages and pensions. What started as a protest over the government seeking to fill a $6.3 billion gap has morphed into a general demand to pay longstanding debts to the most vulnerable in society, such as Indigenous and Afro Latino people. Protesters see a link to demonstrations of November 2019 on a host of issues: earlier tax increases, the murder of social leaders, official corruption, inequality and compliance with a peace agreement that led to the 2016 demobilization of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known by its Spanish acronym FARC. Peter Tejada, 25, said he took part in demonstrations in the capital of Bogota, including what he described as a peaceful sit-in Tuesday that included children and senior citizens. He said he was wounded on his back and legs by tear gas canisters. “Directly from the tank they were shooting,” Tejada said of police, which he indicated were about 7 feet (2 meters) away. Vivanco tweeted that Human Rights Watch “corroborated the use of tanks with multiple projectile launchers aimed at protesters.” Police in Colombia have been “armed to the teeth” for decades as they fought along the military against guerrillas and drug traffickers, said Gladys McCormick, an associate professor of history at Syracuse University, noting that has led to a broader culture of law enforcement favoring a hard-line response.


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