Fewer parking spaces for new California homes, shops? It could happen Pro-housing groups push reform to mandatory parking minimums A new bill, AB 1410, would ban cities from imposing parking requirements on new developments near transit. The goal is to encourage lower development costs and encourage more pedestrian and transit-friendly homes and shops. (File photo: (Doug Duran/Bay Area News Group) By Louis Hansen | lhansen@bayareanewsgroup.com | Bay Area News Group Would fewer parking spaces mean cheaper new homes and shops? Or more drivers cursing while circling for an open spot? Housing advocates are backing a state bill to ban cities from imposing minimum parking requirements on new apartments and shops within a half mile of train stations and bus routes. The bill is designed to encourage transit use and rein in city mandates for big, costly parking lots, which can make building apartments and commercial projects unattractive to developers. “Cars and parking have a huge environmental costs,” said Assemblymember Laura Friedman, D-Glendale, who co-authored the bill with Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco. “The cost of our housing has gotten higher because of the huge costs that parking add to a housing development.” But opponents have long warned of traffic and congestion horrors if residents and shoppers continue to use vehicles instead of transit. The League of California Cities is taking a wait-and-see approach, while the slow-growth group Livable California is considering a formal position on the bill. The bill, AB 1401 , is one of several measures aimed at combating the state’s housing crisis. After a series of setbacks last year, pro-housing groups have returned with individual bills seeking smaller steps to boost development. Other bills would allow underused commercial property to be redeveloped for homes and apartments, let property owners divide lots and build homes on the new parcel, and expedite environmental review for some large projects. But parking reform could touch a veritable third-rail of suburban politics, where defining “adequate parking” is often a flashpoint at public hearings. Homeowners object to new developments because of the additional traffic and concerns that street parking is unsightly and can make it difficult to navigate narrow streets. Developers say on-site parking requirements raise costs and make it challenging to build affordable housing and innovative commercial buildings. Recently, many Bay Area cities have struggled to manage parking for growing RV encampments, filling the curbsides of major roads and spilling into suburban neighborhoods. Parking restrictions and safe parking sites have sparked intense debate in East Palo Alto , Mountain View,   Fremont and other Bay Area cities. Researchers at UC Berkeley’s Terner Center for Housing Innovation found parking requirements can add up to $36,000 to the cost of a single affordable housing unit — more than the cost of using environmentally-friendly materials or paying city development fees. In San Francisco and Los Angeles, parking requirements can add up to $75,000 per unit.


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"I had the good fortune of participating in international play -- the Pan American Games, of course the Olympic team -- and I have been a fan of Team USA going back to the 1984 Olympic team when I first started to fall in love with basketball. The more I thought about it, the more intrigued, excited and the more willing I was to roll up my sleeves and move forward with this awesome responsibility." Hill's résumé is elite. He played 19 NBA seasons, was an All-Star seven times -- which likely would have been more if not for the ankle problems that derailed his career -- and made five All-NBA teams. At Duke, he helped the Blue Devils win national championships in 1991 and 1992. Hill went into the Hall of Fame in 2018 and has worked as an NBA and college basketball analyst for Turner Sports for nearly a decade. And he's part of the broadcast team for the men's Final Four this weekend in Indianapolis, the sixth straight year he's been on that crew. He will remain in broadcasting after assuming his USA Basketball job. "Grant is a proven leader of consequence and character who will continue to help us achieve on our twin goals of winning international competitions and representing our country with honor," said Martin Dempsey, useful site USA Basketball board of directors chair and a retired general. "In making this announcement, I also want to emphasize how much everyone associated with USA Basketball appreciates Jerry Colangelo for everything he did for USA Basketball over the past 15 years." The managing director role was created for him in 2005, after the Americans lost three games in the 2004 Athens Olympics and returned with an extremely disappointing bronze medal. Colangelo has since overseen the process of selecting players and coaches, bringing in Duke's Mike Krzyzewski -- who led the U.S. to Olympic golds in 2008, 2012 and 2016 -- and now San Antonio's Gregg Popovich to serve as head coaches. In major competitions with Colangelo as managing director, the U.S. men have gone 97-4. Colangelo's departure was not unexpected; the 80-year-old made no secret of his plans to retire after the Tokyo Games, which were delayed one year to this summer because of the coronavirus pandemic. "I intend to spend an incredible amount of time with Jerry, shadow him some this summer, and I think that experience will certainly help as we move forward," Hill said. "He's just an invaluable resource and has done a remarkable job, so you can't help but learn from someone like Jerry." No matter what happens in Tokyo, Hill will take over at a hectic time. The delay of these Olympics compresses everything; the next Basketball World Cup is only two years away, and the Paris Games are just three years out. Hill knows the rest of the world is catching -- or has caught -- up to USA Basketball. He predicted that would happen in 1996, when he was part of Dream Team II that won the gold in Atlanta, and he isn't alone in the belief that the game found a new gear internationally because of the success of the first Dream Team four years before that.